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Henley Hospitality

The Maidenhead Steam Company has been offering hospitality during the Henley Regatta for the past 30 years. For the past few years they have offered one of the largest corporate and individual hospitality sites during the racing.

It is useful, of course, to be the local company that has all the best passenger boats to be seen at the Regatta. Many years ago they realised that cruising the course on an upmarket riverboat was essential to the enjoyment of the event.

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As was the provision of top class catering and fine wines. The menu created by the Executive Chef at Seasoned Events, part of the Crown Group, is probably the finest served at the Regatta. Add a complimentary bar with morning champagne and a lunch that includes cold poached Canadian Lobster and the day is guaranteed to be a success.

In 2009 the company moved to a 4 acre riverside garden site at Bird Place, in the grounds of a Tudor mansion, adjacent to Henley Bridge, Regatta HQ and the race finish.

Quite apart from the entertainment and cuisine a stroll around the beautiful garden is a real pleasure.

The event is styled as the 'Henley Garden Party'. An ambience designed to put everyone at ease and encourage networking among business colleagues and an opportunity to catch up with friends and family. Enjoy the atmosphere and take possibly two 90 minute cruises up and down the course to enjoy the rowing and take in the true English eccentricities on show.

The singing Elvis's are a must!

Numbers are limited per day so an early booking is recommended. Clients return year after year and Maidenhead Steam know that this iconic venue will have major appeal so please contact the company to express your interest - soon.

Maidenhead Steam Navigation Company (2010) Ltd 020 3044 2925